Sweet Mountain Farm, LLC.
Hive Sponsorship

Support stronger northern bred honey bees.

Join Sweet Mountain Farm's loyal sponsors who are building strong honey bee colonies through hive sponsorship. All sponsors are rewarded at the end of the season with beautiful holiday gifts for sharing with friends & family or as corporate gifts, the bounty of the hive...pure and absolute sweetness.

Photographer: Sarah T Gordon, Sweet Mountain Farm, LLC.

Photographer: Valarie Fons, Bread and Water, Washington Island.

Protected environment

Location is important to an apiary. Washington Island is far from major highways, shipping routes, or commercial farms. The isolation, in combination with all-natural beekeeping practices are optimal conditions for raising honey bees fit for northern climates and will produce as close to organic honey as possible.

Rebuild honey bee populations

Honey bee deaths are alarming, with threats from colony collapse disorder, Verroa destructor, Africanized bees, and Hive Beetle. Breeding stronger bees in the North is more important than ever.

Photographer: Scott Bauer, USDA Agricultural Research Service

Sweet Mountain Farm, Beeyard 2010.

Invest in the future

Community Supported Agriculture is a program that Sweet Mountain Farm uses to build and grow its apiary. Businesses as well as honey enthusiasts purchase a hive sponsorship before April 1st, and just in time for the holidays receive a box of pure and absolute sweetness. The perfect gift.

Consider A Sponsorship

Option 1:
A sponsorship entitles the owner to twenty-five- 16oz. bottles (1 pound) of our honey individually gift boxed.
Option 2:
Choose 12 gift boxes that contain one- 8.45 ounces of maple syrup in a decorative glass and a 16 oz. bottle of honey packaged together. (The boxed gift set of honey and maple syrup is subject to availability. Weather impacts production.)

Join Sweet Mountain Farms Sponsorship program today.
We build better environments to establish healthy honey bees.