High Tunnel Build Help Wanted

High Tunnel Build Help Wanted

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The greatest drawback to farming in the North is fewer growing days. Building a high tunnel is one solution. My son takes care of Sweet Mountain Farm’s growing agricultural output. He planted a huge garden last year selling fresh produce to local restaurants. Increasing the availability of fresh locally  grown produce is Sweet Mountain Farm’s goal. Most produce is currently transported from agricultural packagers on the mainland. It makes sense to decrease the reliance on produce transported from great distances. Optimal nutrition occurs when harvesting occurs on the same day produce reaches the table. This goal reduces waste by decreasing the time produce sits in a bag.

A high tunnel will grace the area west of the bee yard to expand the season this year. Sweet Mountain Farm ordered a high tunnel kit from FarmTek, a manufacturer in Dyersville, Iowa. Delivery is today, May 17, 2016. The biggest hurdle now, is finding help and equipment to erect the structure. We are looking for 4-5 gifted and talented warriors to spend 16 hours working to build the kit.

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS), assists producers in extending the growing season through its high tunnel initiative. According to NRCS a high tunnel increases yields and profitability and is environmentally safer. A high tunnel reduces nutrient and pesticide applications. A high tunnel improves and conserves soil, water, plants, animals, and air. It conserves energy and resources on agricultural land .

Providing fresher produce, less waste, optimal nutrition, and fewer travel miles is doable. Managing agricultural output that conserves our natural resources is good stewardship. Boosting the local economy is the best nutrition of all.

If you would like to help Sweet Mountain Farm build its new high tunnel,  please call the farm. We need a few mighty warriors to get the job done. Stay tune for video and pictures of raising a high tunnel.

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